Discover How Easy Weaving A Basket Really Is

Close-up shot of basker maker hands at workOne exciting hobby that can also be turned into a lucrative endeavor is basket weaving. This form of art has been around for centuries and has spanned cultures around the globe. Today, you can engage in this fun activity in order to create lovely baskets for your home, as gifts or even to sell at a profit.

If you have never done basket weaving before, you may want to consider investing in some kits. These will provide all of the needed supplies and complete directions for you to assemble a basket of your choosing. This is a great way for beginners to get an introduction to the process and to achieve easy to recognize results. You can check out other websites that are full of helpful information on a variety of crafting tutorials and tips, like SewMuchCraftiness.Com. Explore the internet and be sure to do your research.

There are different styles of weaving and baskets that can be created so that you have plenty of options when it comes to basket creation. You may want to try several of them, or focus on mastering them one by one.

One popular style is the radiating spoke. This involves laying several pieces down in a pattern similar to the spokes on a bicycle wheel. This style of weaving results in circular baskets. For square designs, the patterns begin with several vertical and horizontal strips being woven alternately, much like basic placemats. Two other styles include the shaker cheese, which makes a more open pattern, and the Japanese oval pattern.

It is important that you use high quality reed and cane products when weaving baskets. Although you may be able to find these supplies at a discount because they are older or discontinued, it will be difficult to create good baskets if the reed is not fresh. You need the supply to be supple enough that you can easily manipulate it into the desired shape. It can be heartbreaking to invest a great deal of time and effort into a project, only to have the pieces begin to crack or break during the formation.

One of the skills that is vital to learning how to weave is proper cutting and tucking of the ends. These need to be properly secured so that the basket does not grab on fabric or other items once it is finished. There are techniques and tools that make this possible. Though you can create points for easier tucking, these will splinter more readily than flat edges.

An important piece of any woven basket is the handle. You should practice learning how to make them properly so that your basket will be strong and attractive. Some find that working with these on a couple of practice baskets allows for better handles on a planned project. Handle creation involves some of the basics learned in the weaving of the basket itself but, the securing and tucking of the handle is a bit special. Learning how to keep the handle secured into the basket will guarantee that you are able to use it to transport goods safely.

You may want to look in your community to see if there are any clubs dedicated to weaving baskets. This will allow you to join a group of others where you can learn intermediate and advanced techniques. Additionally, you may find out special places to purchase supplies or even tips and tricks that only experienced weavers know. There is also the bonus of having like-minded people with whom you can interact.

This time-honored skill is a great way to have fun and relieve stress. Learn everything that you can about it while investing in the best quality supplies that you can afford. You are sure to develop a life-time love of this hobby!